'The Orangutan' greetings card with white envelope

Blank inside for your own message

Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane

Printed on smooth 300gsm card, 6x6"


Available as a single card or a pack of 5 - £2.50 / £10


10% of the profits from every card sold will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.


For the whole of June I am challenging myself to draw as many endangered animals as possible in the hopes of raising both awareness and funding for the incredible World Wildlife Fund (WWF) who are the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.


What an extraordinary creature the orangutan is. It’s one of the most human-like of all wild animals – although of course with extra-long arms and more ginger hair.


A century ago, orangutans lived in forests all across south-east Asia – from southern China to the Indonesian island of Java. Today they’re only found on two islands: Sumatra and Borneo. As the orangutans’ forests have disappeared, so have their numbers – cut by around half in just the last 60 years.


Orangutans are known as gardeners of the forest, because they help spread seeds around. You know how it works – they eat fruit from the trees, the seeds come out the other end, the forest spreads. Especially the larger seeds that don’t get spread by smaller animals. Without that seed distribution, the forests would be drastically different, and that would have impacts on all the people and animals that live in or use those forests. The people of Borneo and Sumatra depend on the orang-utan’s forest for food, water, income and environmental protection. 


 Visit WWF for more info and to see how they are helping to protect our uniquely wonderful orangutans.

The Orangutan - Greetings Card


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